About Me

In short I’m a Dutch born, vegemite powered Australian with a keen sense of adventure.

I’m quite stubborn but that’s not always a bad thing… especially when it comes to fitness & training! I play roller derby, run, dabble with adventure sports, love to travel and am a self admitted geek.

Cycling in Spain 3

Due to sport induced asthma in my youth I stopped any real form of fitness for almost 12 years (without realizing I had grown out of it). I got back into fitness again after a cancer scare, it was one of those grounding moments where I realised that it was time to change my lifestyle and in particular bin those cigarettes for good!

Always close-by you on my adventures you will find my family team, two super-hiking Jack Russells and my lovely wife Papi (she’s the one usually behind the lens!)

Map of World, Kirsty pointing to Amsterdam and UK

Life is often taken over by work but there’s always time to fit in a little escape or two. I live by the motto to travel to at least 2 places I’ve never been every year.

I hope you enjoy reading about some of my travels & random adventures, perhaps it might even inspire you to travel somewhere new or you might have some good advice to share – I’d love to hear from you either here or via Twitter!

All original content is ©Livingfortheadventure. No words or images may be reproduced without my permission.

The majority of the images on my blog have been shot by the Livingfortheadventure team and where I have used alternative sources, I have endeavored to credit accurately.


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. That’s what I love about Janathon: meeting new people and reading interesting stories all the time… You call yourself a slow runner? Well, your running times work like a great motivator for me. I started just a couple of months ago. Just like you, for about 10 years I couldn’t care less about sports and fitness and then the running bug jumped over to me. By the way, I am Czech born, living in NL.


    1. It’s been really lovely meeting so many new people through Janathon, I’m hoping to try for Juneathon as well now! How many have you done before?
      Really fab to hear that you’re much like me regarding fitness, we’ll have to keep tabs of eachother’s progress as the running bug develops 🙂 Have you been living in Holland long?


  2. I’m also a Dutch-born Aussie (though I’m not vegemite powered – never quite acquired a taste for it). Small world 🙂 I’ve been following your blog a little while but only just realised I’d never ready your ‘about’ page or I would have noticed this similarity 🙂

    I love Mt Snowdon. I’ve never really hiked there but I camped near there in 2006. I so want to go back to the UK – maybe to live for a year or two.


    1. Haha, that’s incredible! And to think we both ended up in Brisbane! I’ve been living here in the UK for 5 years in May and ashamedly I’ve not been back to Holland yet. But, I’m going to make up for it by heading over to get married there in May. What better occasion! 🙂
      How long were you in the UK for last time? Any where in particular that you like? x


      1. We were only in the UK for 5 weeks. We took our tents over, hired a car and camped our way around England, Scotland and Wales. I particularly like the Snowdon area but also thought Holy Island was really cool.

        I am currently exploring a career change that would make living in the UK (or anywhere else in the English-speaking world) an option (at the moment I am on a very obscure career path that will be in demand but not recognisably transferable).

        I rarely get to Holland because it’s so far away. Other than my Oma and my godparents’ children, I have little contact with family there because I’ve been here in Oz since I was 3yo.


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